PRESS RELEASE              


 2nd August 2012


Residents in the Melton Borough are being urged to have their say on how Council Tax support should be provided from the 1st April 2013.

Currently, central Government fully funds a national Council Tax Benefit scheme which supports residents on low incomes who need help to pay their Council Tax.

But that funding will be cut by 10% from next April which means we will need to save around £373,000 in the first year, but this gap will increase if the number of people claiming benefit goes up, which already appears to be the trend.

Melton Borough Council is, therefore, seeking residents’ views on the best way to achieve an affordable scheme that will continue to support the most vulnerable and protected members of the community but will also provide value-for-money and protect other services for all our residents.

The Government’s reforms will, however, force the Council to consider changing discounts and exemptions which are currently in place, including reductions for second homes and unoccupied properties.

The public consultation begins on Thursday, August 2nd, 2012, and will run until Friday, September 28, 2012 and will be available online at http://consultations.leicester.gov.uk/partnership/cts_melton The link will take residents to a consultation site hosted by Leicester City Council, but Melton residents only need to click on Melton Borough Council logo to complete our consultation.

Council Tax Support will replace Council Tax Benefit as part of wider changes being implemented by central government to reform the benefit system and reduce worklessness.

 For more information, or a copy of the consultation pack please contact Melton Borough Council on 01664 502 502 or email reception@melton.gov.uk