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The Borough Council is responsible for the administration of elections for Parliamentary, European Parliamentary, County Council, Borough Council, Parish Council and Referenda.


Parliamentary Elections


Parliamentary elections are held in response to Her Majesty the Queen dissolving Parliament and issuing a Writ to hold an election.  The maximum term of office of a Government is five years, however elections are usually held before that time has expired.  The last Parliamentary Election was held on the 6th May 2010.


Melton Borough Council is within the Rutland and Melton Parliamentary Constituency which also includes Rutland County Council and part of Harborough District Council.  The constituency is represented by Alan Duncan MP 


Borough and Parish Council Elections


These are held on the first Thursday in May once every four years.  The last elections were held on the 5th May 2011. Melton Borough Council is made up of 16 Borough Wards with between 1-3 Councillors and 26 Parish Councils throughout the surrounding villages.The next Borough election are due to be held in May 2015.

For a full list of the current Councillors please click on the link provided.



European Parliamentary Elections


The last European Parliamentary elections were held on 4th June 2009 in the United Kingdom.   They are held every five years and the next ones will be held on 5th June 2014.  The date is determined by the council of the European Communities and elections take place throughout Europe between the Thursday and the following Sunday of the specified week.  This is because Member States traditionally vote on different days of the week, e.g., United Kingdom votes on Thursday, Italy votes on Sundays.


Melton Borough Council is part of the East Midlands Region which is represented by five Members of the European Parliament (MEP’s)



County Council Elections


These elections are held every four years and the last ones were held on 2nd May 2013.  They are usually held on the first Thursday in May and the next ones will be held on the 2nd May 2017.


For a full list of the County's results please click on the following link - County Council Election Results.


Melton Borough Council has four divisions each represented by 1 Councillor.


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