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Council Services



The Code of Recommended Practice for Local Authorities on Data Transparency (issued in September 2011) sets out the Government’s requirements of local authorities for the purpose of publishing key items of information to promote openness in the provision and operation of local public services. A primary feature of these requirements is an Open Data page, with information, or links to information, under a number of distinct headings.


Workforce Data

We also publish information on our Organisation Structures, Senior Management Salaries, Job Decriptions, Staff Turnover, and Sickness Absence.


Payments to Suppliers

The purpose of publishing Melton Borough Council’s spending data is to enable greater transparency, greater engagement and greater efficiency by allowing inspection and comparison by residents, and other interested bodies.


The monthly reports below list the individual invoices paid by Melton Borough Council over £500.  There may be several lines for one invoice as the expenditure is split over several services.  This can be seen by looking at the transaction number.


The Council aims to be as transparent as possible, but in some cases we may need to withhold information that could be seen as commercially sensitive or where the payment relates to vulnerable young people or adults.


If there are any queries regarding any of the payments please contact Customer Services on 01664 502502 or email contactus@melton.gov.uk


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Statement of Accounts


Pay Multiple Information 2011/12

Highest salary: £82,318

Lowest salary: £12,312

Mean average salary: £22,879

Median average salary: £19,126

Ratio between highest and median salary: 4.3:1


Councillor Allowances & Expenses


Contracts & Tenders


Grants to Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector


Policies, Performance & Audit




Public Land & Building Assets

Council-Owned Property

Land Holdings




Elections & Electoral Registration

Committee Minutes & Records of Decisions


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