Mayor's Awards - Winners


Mayor's Award of MeritAward Picture

Each year the Mayor searches for those unsung heroes of this Borough who give their time and energy to help and bring together others in the community.


The awards also provide an opportunity to recognise whose who provide an outstanding service to the Borough.


This award provides an opportunity for charitable and voluntary work to be recognised by the Mayor on behalf of the people of the Borough of Melton.  Also, it is hoped that this acknowledgement may inspire others to be involved in community activities,  helping others and going the extra mile in their working life.


2013 Winners


Marie Walters

  • Being involved in Melton in Bloom and EMIB Campaigns, and other gardening projects for over six years;
  • Brightening up the town for residents, at the same time encouraging visitors to return;
  • Promoting Pride in Melton;
  • Encouraging local groups to become involved i.e. the Mount School, the Learning Hub, Melton Borough Council, Melton Country Park and many more;
  • Providing inspiration and enthusiastically encouraging all volunteers to help in projects such as Gretton Court Gardens, the Sensory Garden, the Royal Bed in the Country Park and the Medieval Bed in King Street;
  • Being heavily involved in the Parkside and St Mary’s Church displays, involving different groups in the Community;
  • Winning the Silver Gift Award in East Midlands in Bloom (EMiB) in 2012.

Eric Tindall

  • Successfully extending the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme to provide full coverage for Melton Town instead of a limited number of streets;
  • Completing 3,090 hours of volunteer work since September 2009;
  • Holding regular Neighbourhood Watch meetings, thereby helping communities come closer together;
  • Distributing newsletters to the public which provide information on recent crimes, latest scams, door step crimes and ways to keep yourself safe;
  • Encouraging people to look for need in the Community and address this, thereby enabling people to feel valued through their contribution to community life.

Malcolm Johnson

  • Dedicating 47 years of voluntary work to the Allotment Association;
  • Fulfilling the roles of Secretary and Treasurer of the Association for many years;
  • Supplying materials for general gardening and providing advice on gardening problems;
  • Working hard to help coordinate the recent relocation of the Association to its new premise;
  • Also received the Robert Hyslop - Citizen of the Year Plate.

Janey Branstone & Julian Spong

  • Providing cooking classes for FIP and ex FIP Service users;
  • Coordinating the ‘free cakes for kids’ project in Leicestershire, helping families who find it difficult to provide birthday cakes for their children;
  • Working hard to gain extra volunteers for projects;
  • Working with families in the 3 priority areas in Melton, promoting healthy eating and educating families to live within their means;
  • Creating a Community Blog to help engage residents in South Melton with local services;
  • Being instrumental in the FIP Focus Group which has positively changed the behaviour of families and individuals through peer to peer mentoring

Melton Borough Award

Each year the Mayor searches for those unsung heroes of this Borough who give their time and energy to help and bring together others in the community.


To provide an opportunity to recognise those who provide an outstanding service to the Borough through their job role, and this may include paid employment.


2013 Winner


Roger Petchey

  • Completing 3,667 hours of CCTV volunteer work since August 2002;
  • Overseeing a team of volunteers and often working unsociable hours;
  • Liaising with SMART (Secure Melton Against Retail Theft) and PubWatch;
  • Ensuring cameras are maintained and kept to a high standard, providing reassurance to visitors and residents and helping reduce the fear of crime;
  • Providing essential assistance throughout the Olympic Torch Relay event.


Young Citizen's AwardsAward Picture

The Mayor is looking for nominations of young people who have made an outstanding contribution to the community.


This award recognises the positive role young people play in our community today and encourage our youth to be thoughtful and caring citizens of the future.


2013 Winners


Shane Chapman, Tom Nicol & Jason Gasgoine 

  • Working hard helping vulnerable members of the community with gardening;
  • Improving the life of people within the community by helping to break down the barriers that exist between young people and other members of the community;
  • Volunteering for Melton in Bloom and helping to paint the boat in the Community and Heritage Garden at Parkside;
  • Overcoming significant difficulties and showing real resilience and determination with his voluntary commitments and greatly increasing own confidence; Successfully completing the Princes Trust Programme despite own difficulties (Shane & Tom).
  • Also awarded the Derek Sanders Cup for outstanding Achievement collectively - smaller individual cups were awarded

Mayor's Awards 2013


The Mayor's Awards and the Young Citizen Award were presented at the Full Council meeting held on 24 April 2013 at Parkside, Station Approach, Burton Street


The Mayor, Councillor John Illingworth (3rd from right, back), is shown with the 2013 award winners (back row, from left to right) Jason Gasgoine, Tom Nicol, Eric Tindall, Julian Spong, Malcolm Johnson (front row, from left to right) Marie Walters, Roger Petchey, Janey Branstone and Shane Chapman.