How to apply for a Hackney Carriage/ Private Hire Driver’s Licence  

Every taxi licenced by the Council must also be driven by a driver licenced by the Council. The driver will be provided with a badge with their photograph on which must be worn at all times whilst on duty. 


Becoming a licensed driver is not necessarily a quick or easy process. There are procedures in place to ensure that anyone issued with a driver badge meets the criteria and is a fit and proper person. 


Below is a step by step guide to becoming a licensed driver with Melton Borough Council: 


Request from us, or download below, the appropriate forms. These are:

You should also be familiar with the Melton Borough Council Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Booklet


Once you have fully completed the Application, DVLA and DBS forms, contact us to arrange to hand them in. You must also bring in some identification, as detailed in the CRB guidance booklet. Without the ID we cannot accept your application. Note that the addresses on your ID must match your current address. We cannot accept any applications without payment of the appropriate fees (see below).


You must have held a European Driving Licence for 3 years at the time of application.


You are required to obtain from a GP a completed and signed medical certificate. The form to be completed is obtainable from us but the arrangements for making the appointment with payment of any costs incurred are met by the applicant.


At some stage of the application process, and before your licence can be granted, you will need to take the Local Knowledge Test for new drivers. This test is made up of three parts; the first is to test your knowledge of the local Conditions of Licensing booklet, the second tests your knowledge of the town streets and nearby transport links and the third is a test of your knowledge of the Highway Code. Please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time to take the test. The fee for the test must be paid in advance and the receipt brought with you. Please see below for a link to the Revision Notes for the Hackney Carriage & Private Hire Driver's Test.


If a Hackney/Private Hire Driver’s Licence is granted you will be required to produce your standard driving licence, if we do not already hold a copy, at the time of collection.


The Hackney/Private Hire drivers badge is valid for one year, whereas the CRB, DVLA and medical checks last for 3 years before requiring renewal, apart from drivers aged over 65 who must obtain an annual medical before their licence can be renewed.


The licence we issue to drivers is a combined licence which entitles the holder to drive both Private Hire vehicles and Hackney Carriages. It will enable you to drive a vehicle licensed by Melton Borough Council.  


There are conditions attached to being a licensed driver and these prescribe how you must conduct yourself when working and these are all in the Conditions of Licensing booklet. Should there be a breach of these rules your Hackney/Private Hire Driver’s Licence may be suspended, revoked or not renewed.


Costs        (please note : unfortunately we cannot accept cash payments)

Licence application: £82

DVLA certificate: £5

DBS enhanced certificate: £44

Knowledge test: £10


Your doctor will also charge you for your medical certificate.