Melton Borough Council is commencing work on a new Local Plan to cover the foreseeable future, up to 25 years, to guide development throughout the Borough over this period. This will be the key tool that will decide where the housing, retail and business needs of the community will be provided and how important countryside, ecological and heritage features will be protected. 


How to get involved: Consultation and Community Engagement


The Council is keen to include as many people as possible in producing the plan. The Council is keen that the community engages as much as possible in the plan; it provides an opportunity for people to shape the place in which they live, meeting their needs and creating a better and more sustainable place to live.


The  legislation requires that the Council sets out how it is going to consult in a 'Statement of Community Involvement'. The Local Plan is publicised at various stages and to do this we will be placing notices in the Melton Times


In addition, the Council will invite ‘Reference Groups’ to have a direct input into the content of the Plan at all of the key stages and on all key subjects.


Programme of Work and Timetable


The Council has developed a programme of work and timetable for the issues the Local Plan needs to cover. This will be reviewed regualrly and updated on this web page.



phasing plan for the preparation of the Melton Local Plan


Reports and Decisions

All of the reports and decisions made by the Council will be avalable here


Studies and Evidence

All the stdies and evidence produced fro the Local plan will be available here


Press releases

Please follow this link to see all of the Press Releases issued in relation to the new Local Plan


Frequently Asked Questions

Information about the plan, its purpose and how it will progress


How the plan will take shape

For regular progress reports and explanations of key decisions, please follow the link to our dedicated page, 'the story of the plan'.


Archive material

The new Local Plan is an entirely new exercise and will replace all planning dcumnts that have been drafted int he past. Archived material on earlier plans is available here:

None of the policies contained in former documents will have a direct bearing on the new Plan.