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When is my waste collected?

View collection calendars for 2013 for:

Bank Holidays

There are no bin collections on Bank Holiday Mondays, all services move on a day. This means normal Monday collections are carried out on Tuesday, and so on through the week. If your normal collection day is Friday, your bin will be collected on Saturday. The waste collection calendars above, and the online service:  "when is my next waste collection" will show when your bins will be collected in Bank Holiday weeks.


How is my waste collected?

  • Non-recyclable waste is collected from the black wheeled bins fortnightly.
  • Garden waste is collected fortnightly from households who are members of the Green Waste Club. (from 02-04-12)
  • Recyclable materials are collected from the brown bins every two weeks (from 02-04-12). 
  • Alternatively, you can take your recyclable waste to any recycling sites in the borough. Recyclable and non-recyclable household waste can be taken to Household Waste Recycling Centres.
  • Problems with your collections? Please contact us on 01664 502502


What can I put in the bins?

  • Brown Bins are for recyclable waste (from 02-04-12).
  • Black Bins are for non-recyclable waste.

How can larger items be disposed of?


For disposal of items too large for normal waste collection, there are several options:

  • A bulky waste collection service is offered by Melton Borough Council for bulky items for a small charge.
  • Melton Furniture Project - good-quality furniture, small electrical items and bric-a-brac for reuse. They collect free of charge from addresses in Melton Borough and Rutland. Call on 01664 410380.
  • FreecycleFreeuseit and 2recycle - online services for donating and receiving usable household items of any size, with no money changing hands. The person who receives an item should expect to collect it.
  • Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) - furniture, carpets etc for recycling. Householders must deliver items to the HWRC themselves.


Where does my recycling go?


In 2012 / 2013 a new mixed or co-mingled recycling service was introduced. Since that time all the mixed recycling materials collected by the council is sent to a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Aldridge, nr Walsall. This Biffa run facility is one of the largest in the UK and handles 1000’s of tonnes of mixed materials each year from many councils across the Midlands.

Once the materials have been sorted out into separate lots of paper, metals, plastics and glass it is  bulked up and moved on to various re-processors to be recycled and reused. A full list of the re-processors who currently ultimately receive the materials you placed outside your homes for us to collect  is available here.



Eat Well, Waste Less


Melton Borough Council are running an initiative to help the resident of Melton Borough to save money and help the environment by reducing their household food waste. More information on our Eat Well, Waste Less campaign is available here.


'Ask Amanda' Our Green Environmental Agony Aunt'

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Advice on issues such as recycling, waste reduction and home composting. Find out more or email askamanda@melton.gov.uk