Council Housing


The Council have limited housing, the demand for these properties are high, meaning you may not be housed immediately.  


You should be realistic about your housing options and consider alternatives, such as renting in the private sector or purchasing a property if you have the means to do so. 


Existing Council or Housing Association tenants should consider a Mutual Exchange with another tenant as this is often a much quicker option than waiting to move through the housing register.



The Housing Register

In order to be considered for a council property you need to apply to go onto the housing register. 


You can apply to go on to the register by printing out a Housing Application Form and returning it to the Housing Options Team, or contact Customer Services and ask for a copy of the form to be sent to you.  


You can also complete an on line application at http://www.melton-homes.org.uk.


The Council maintains a housing register and the allocation of properties are made according to priority categories ranging from statutory re-housing – through priority medical re-housing. This means that you are allocated a band based on your current housing circumstances.


The band you will be awarded depends on the exact nature of your circumstances and further investigation and a visit to your home may be necessary in order to determine your points entitlement.



Choice Based Letting Scheme

Leicestershire Choice Based Lettings enables us to offer those looking for an affordable home, the widest choice of housing and an easier way of being considered for vacant properties as they arise. View the 2014 choice based lettings bidding calender.


http://www.melton-homes.org.uk/  displays all of the rented and shared ownership properties that the Council and Housing Associations currently have available.


All properties that are available for rent will be advertised every 2 weeks on our website http://www.melton-homes.org.uk/ and in our newsletter, which will be available to view at any of the Children's Centres and at Melton Library for applicants who do not have access to the internet.


You can choose which properties you are interested in and show your interest by bidding for a property. You may only bid for a property if your application has been accepted onto our housing register. 


Don't worry about the word 'bid' this does not involve money it just means you are telling us that you are interested in a particular property and want to be considered for it.