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Contaminated recycling will not be collected

Your recycling bin will not be emptied if it contains non-recyclable item(s) You will need to remove the item(s) and we will empty the bin on your next brown bin collection day.

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Domestic violence

If you are experiencing any kind of abuse from a realtive, partner, ex-partner or roomate, you can seek confidential help and advice.

What is domestic abuse?

  • Emotional, mental and psychological: this can include threatening words or behaviour which causes you to feel depressed, scared and affects your quality of life
  • Harassment/stalking: this could include stalking over the phone or physically stalking you by following you or turning up to places where are 
  • Physical abuse: such as hitting, grabbing, rough handling, spitting, total control over your movements and daily routine
  • Sexual abuse: this may be forcing you into sex, or any other sex related acts without your consent

Help at hand:

Police -

Emergency: call 999

Non-emergency: call 101

Helpful websites (external) -

United Against Violance and Abuse (UAVA) - 0808 80 200 28 (calls) & 07715 994 962  (text only) - a consortium of Women’s Aid Leicestershire Ltd, FreeVA and Living Without Abuse proving specialist domestic abuse services

Free from Violence and Abuse (FREEVA) - A Leicester based charity specialising in supporting people affected by sexual/domestic violence.

Direct Gov - directory for different kinds of abuse with appropriate advice/support links

Living Without Abuse (LWA) - 0300 365 0112 - support and advice for those suffering under abuse

NAPAC 0808 801 0331 - supporting adults who suffered any type of abuse in childhood

NSPCC - 0808 800 5000 (adults worred about children) & 0800 1111 (under 18s helpline) - advice and support for adults who are worried about potential child abuse, and a helpline for children suffering abuse

RESPECT - 0808 802 4040 - an anonymous helpline for those concerned about their use of violence and/or abuse towards a partner/ex-partner