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Severn Trent report

Severn Trent have informed of low water pressure or no supply in the LE13 area due to burst water main. They aim to fix by 3pm. Your water supply should gradually return to normal

Tackling anti social behaviour

Please be a considerate neighbour - six top tips:

  1. DIY: You may be an early riser, but others may not be - consider not mowing the lawn or starting DIY at the crack of dawn.

  2. Parties: Neighbours are less likely to have a problem with a party if they are aware of it in advance.  

  3. Cars: Make sure the music in your car isn't disturbing others.

  4. Alarms: Have a nominated key holder for your property when you are away, who can be contacted quickly if the house alarm goes off.

  5. Stereo & T.V: Position the TV and speakers away from the neighbours wall.  Raise them up off the floor if possible. 

  6. Dogs: Constant barking or whining of a dog can be disturbing to neighbours.

If you decide to talk to the person responsible for anti-social behaviour it may help to consider the following: 

  • Step 1 - Let the person know there is a problem. Be calm and polite as they may not know they are causing you any distress
  • Step 2 - Ask them for some of their time to talk about the problem. You may wish to take a friend with you if you do not want to go on your own
  • If you still feel concerned, write a polite letter to re address the problem - see below.
  • Step 3 - If you still feel concerned, write a polite letter to re address the problem

Here are some letter templates that may help you in your dealings with your neighbours:

Noisey neighbour - letter template (Word Format)