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Environmental permits

View the register of A2 and Part B pollution permits

Some industries by their very nature will produce potentially polluting materials as part of their process. 

Fortunately there are a set of Regulations that limit what can be released into the environment and these are enforced by both Borough Councils and the Environment Agency.  Permits are issued to a number of businesses which limit what can be released and require them to undertake periodic monitoring.

There are three main types of permit.

  • A1 – for the larger processes that emit to land, water and air (permits issued by the Environment Agency)
  • A2 – for generally smaller processes that emit to land, air and water (permits are issued by Melton Borough Council)
  • Part B – smaller processes that only emit to air, such as dry cleaners, petrol stations and cement batching premises (permits for these are issued by Melton Borough Council)

These permits come with a set of conditions which must be complied with by the business.  Environmental Health and the Environment Agency also undertake regular inspections of their permits.

Current fees 

You can check the current annual fees for permits and other charges on our table of fees

Application forms and guidance 

The forms are available on the Defra website (please see the link to the 'Manual Part C' for the templates).  The page also details the various pieces of guidance depending on the activity.  

Types of permit

The schedules of Environmental Permitting Regulations lists what activities need a permit and what the levels are to qualify (you might be operating at a very low level and therefore not need a permit).  It'll also tell you whether your activity is A1, A2 or Part B, which will then determine to whom you apply for a permit.

You should also refer to Environmental Health or the Environment Agency for advice before making your application.