Melton Borough Council

Climate Local Commitment

Climate Local is a Local Government Association (LGA) initiative to drive, inspire and support council action on a changing climate.  The initiative supports councils' efforts both to reduce carbon emissions and also to improve their resilience to the affects of our changing climate. 

Melton Borough Council signed up to the Climate Local Commitment on 29th July 2015. We have signed Climate Local to declare our intention to:

  • Set locally-owned and determined commitments and actions to reduce carbon emissions and to manage climate impacts.
  • Publish our commitments, actions and progress, enabling local communities to hold us to account
  • Share the learning from our experiences and achievements with other councils
  • Regularly refresh our commitments and actions to ensure that they are current and continue to reflect local priorities.

Melton Borough Council's Climate Local Commitment

Melton Borough Council's Climate Local Action Plan

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