Melton Borough Council


Access to CCTV information

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 individuals have a right to see CCTV pictures if they are the subject.
To make a request you need to:

  • Complete and return the CCTV a Subject Access Request Form.
  • Supply precise details of the Day, Date, Time, Place and reason.
  • Prove your identity (and that of any representative acting on your behalf.
  • Supply a letter of authorisation if you use a representative to make the request for you.
  • The £10 fee

Once we have received the completed form and relevant identification it will take us a maximum of 20 working days to get back to you with an answer.  It is important that we do not compromise anyone else's privacy, so you will only be able to view CCTV footage that does not contain images of a third parties or images that would enable you to identify other people (e.g car registration details).

The Council is also entitled to deny access to information in certain cases under the Data Protection Act, specifically, where the information may be held for:

  • The prevention and detection of crime
  • The apprehension and prosecution of offenders.

We will only provide a hard copy of footage if this shows the incident and if it requested. Where there are no images we will not provide any footage. In any allegations of crime we will only provide footage to the Police and in any request for a Road Traffic Collision (RTC) any footage will only be released to the relevant insurance company.

All CCTV footage is only kept for 28 days from the time of the recording in line with the Data Protection Act.

Traffic Collision Requests

Please note that owing to the Data Protection Act we will not disclose the details of any other party involved should you be involved in a RTC. There is an expectation that people involved in a road traffic collision will have reported this matter to the Police and/or their insurance company. It will be the responsibility for either the Police or your insurance company to apply for footage. If an application is made by your insurance company, they must use the relevant form and there will be a £10 charge.