Melton Borough Council

Mayor's Cadet


The role of the Mayor’s Cadet is to accompany the Mayor to a number of appropriate public civic events which includes the Remembrance Parade and Service, Fly the Flag for Armed Forces Day, the Battle of Britain Commemorative Parade and Service, and the Civic Service.  At such events, the Mayor’s Cadet may be asked to read or perform a duty such as carrying a wreath for the Mayor.

The Mayor’s Cadet also brings a closer visible association with local cadets of the armed forces, positive public perception, and a role which is considered to be a honour and reward for those cadets selected.  Mayor’s Cadets have been introduced by various councils across the country. The Mayor’s Cadet is given a badge to be worn on their uniform during their year of office.
The Mayor’s Cadet is accountable to the Mayor of the Borough of Melton via the unit’s Officer Commanding. The role runs alongside any normal duties as a cadet NCO. The Mayor’s Cadet will take an active role in supporting the Borough and presenting to the Borough Council about their time as Mayor’s Cadet at the end of their term of office.
At the meeting of the Full Council on 12 October 2016, the Mayor, Councillor David Wright, appointed the Council’s first Mayor’s Cadet - from 1279 (Melton Mowbray) Squadron Air Training Corps, Cadet Corporal Samuel Page.

Mayor’s Cadet 2018/19

At the Full Council Meeting on 10 October 2018, the Mayor, Councillor Mrs Pru Chandler appointed the new Mayor’s Cadet for 2018/19, Cadet Sergeant Olivia Brown  from the 1279 (Melton Mowbray) Squadron Air Training Corps. 


New Mayor's cadet

Cadet Sergeant Brown with Mayor Pru Chandler


Joseph Roper


Mayor’s Cadet 2017/18: Cadet Sergeant Joe Roper

Presentation to Sam Page outgoing Mayor's Cadet

Presentation to Outgoing Cadet Corporal Sam Page

Mayor's Cadet


The outgoing Cadet Cpl Sam Page giving a reading at the Remembrance Day Service at St Mary’s Church on Sunday 13 November 2016