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How the Mayor is elected

The Mayor is elected by councillors at their Annual Council Meeting in May. The position is usually held for one year. The Mayor is the Civic and Ceremonial head of the Council.

Contacting the Mayor

The Mayor undertakes more than 300 engagements each year throughout the Borough of Melton, and occasionally beyond.  For further information, please contact

Addressing the Mayor

By Letter/In Formal Speeches
  • Mayor - 'The Worshipful the Mayor of the Borough of Melton - Councillor (and their name)' and his/her partner as  'The Mayoress/Mayor's Consort (or Escort) of the Borough of Melton
  • Deputy Mayor - 'The Deputy Mayor of the Borough of Melton - Councillor (and their name)' and his/her partner as 'Deputy Mayoress/Deputy Mayor's Consort or Escort' as appropriate.
  • Thereafter they may be addressed as 'Mr Mayor' or 'Madam Mayor', 'Mayoress' or 'Mayor's Consort (or Escort)', 'Deputy Mayor' and 'Deputy Mayoress/Deputy Mayor's Consort/Escort' as appropriate.
On Invitations
  • The Worshipful the Mayor of the Borough of Melton - Councillor (and their name)

What is the History of the Mayoral Position?

The office of Mayor of a Borough is extremely ancient and is the most exalted position a Local Authority can confer on one of its Members.  The office has long been recognised as being second only to the Queen's Representative, the Lord Lieutenant, within the precincts of the Mayor's own Borough.
The present structure of Local Government dates from the Local Government Act 1972, which enables the District Councils to petition the Queen for a charter conferring Borough status.  Melton applied for Borough status and this request was granted by the Queen on 1st April, 1974.  Henceforth, Melton District Council was to be known as Melton Borough Council and the office of Chairman was replaced by the office of Mayor.
The Mayoral Year commences at the Annual Meeting of the Council in May and ends at the following year's Annual Meeting.  It is the usual practice at Melton Borough Council that the Deputy Mayor is elected Mayor following his/her Deputy Mayoral year.

The Current Deputy Mayor  

The Deputy Mayor for 2019/20 is Councillor Peter Faulkner 

The Mayoral year runs from the Annual Council meeting on 16 May 2019 until the Annual Council meeting on 14 May 2020.