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Mayor's Awards

Past awards presented 2010 to 2017


Mayors Award of Merit

Flight Lieutenant Dan McGlynn - Officer Commanding 1279 (Melton Mowbray) ATC

  • Has given his time voluntarily to supporting the youth of the Borough through the Air Cadets which runs 2 nights a week and at weekends
  • Only squadron commander in the area to be currently running two squadrons at once which demonstrates a huge amount of time and commitment
  • Works extremely hard to ensure the cadets access every activity they can, spending considerable time to help them fill out forms and organising activities for the squadron
  • Since he took charge of the squadron, numbers of cadets have doubled which is down to his hard work and enthusiasm
  • Goes out of his way to help and support the other squadron staff
  • is also a member of the South and East Midlands Wing First Aid Training Team who give training to cadets across Leicestershire, Rutland, Nottinghamshire, and Northamptonshire.

Mr Robert Wilson and Mrs Pat Wilson - Chairman of the Royal British Legion Melton Branch and President of the Keswick Ladies Club

  • Have given over 50 years of voluntary service between them to the local branch of the Royal British Legion and the Women’s section

  • both show selfless commitment to others in carrying out their voluntary work supporting others without complaint in all weathers and in the face of adversity

  • Their work supports the elderly ex service people and their families have a sense of belonging and helps keeps them occupied

Brenda Cox - Vice-Chairman of the Royal Air Forces Association Melton Mowbray Branch

  • Has given 50 years of voluntary service to the community
  • She is instrumental in the running and continued existence of the Melton RAFA branch and club
  • Organises many different events for primarily the ex service personnel in the club which raises money either for the club or for the Wings Appeal
  • Her work with the Wings Appeal brings about more diverse forms of help such as welfare support and help to rehabilitate injured airmen
  • Continues to tirelessly support others

Melton Mowbray Drop In Club (Gloucester House)

  • Chairman, Doug Goss, and the Committee members (retirees) provide a Drop In Club for over 55s which was started many years (decades) ago.  The Club is supported entirely by voluntary help
  • The Club provides friendship, companionship and support to alleviate loneliness and has about 60 members
  • Ensures that any new members are welcomed and included; at every meeting birthdays are celebrated
  • Organises coach trips out subsidised by a weekly raffle
  • Provides support to those who have been widowed, often after many years of marriage, and helps those members to move forward at a very difficult time.

Gordon Spence - Chairman of the Royal British Legion, Hose and Harby Branch

  • Has been Chairman of the RBL Hose and Harby Branch for 23 years during which time he has given voluntary service
  • Is an enthusiastic fund raiser for the Branch and the local community
  • Organises many social events which are greatly enjoyed by those in the surrounding villages
  • Has contributed to the creation and maintenance of the 6075 Squadron Memorial on Langar Lane as well as helping to maintain Harby Memorial floral displays
  • Has supported the Poppy Appeal as a collector for a remarkable 50 years in the area where he was born
  • Is proud to serve his Branch and Community

 Melton Borough Award

Gates Garden Centre (Nigel Gates) - Garden Centre business and restaurant

  • Family run business for over half a century which has grown from a garden centre into a restaurant, gifts and clothing retailer
  • Has become a tourist attraction, bringing in money to the local economy and provides employment for local people
  • Provides indoor and outdoor play areas for children so appeals to people of all ages and is accessible for the disable
  • Organises annual fund raising event for a nominated charity both at the garden centre and elsewhere.  Has been supporting charitable causes for over 20 years
  • Nigel Gates’ vision has created a successful and ever expanding business popular not just amongst local people but also brings in visitors from much further afield

Young Citizen Award

Michael Baker - Volunteer at Bottesford Youth Club

  • Runs tuck shop and encourages young people to take part in many sports activities, including football, basketball, badminton and volleyball
  • His voluntary contribution to the club frees up valuable staff and other volunteers’ time and without his help it would be difficult to operate the club
  • He takes part in many indoor and outdoor activities with the young people and is very efficient in the way he interacts with them
  • Helps out at local village fetes to raise funds for the youth club
  • Brings a lot of joy and fun to the youth club members and team, is always busy and gets on with his jobs without hesitation

Ellis Nicholls - Member of Melton Young Farmers Club

  • Works incredibly hard for Melton Young Farmers Club including all the organising work for the annual dinner
  • Contributes to the fund raising by the club; this year nearly £3,000 was raised for cancer charities
  • Makes a significant contribution to the work for the club which provides young people aged 10 to 26 with opportunities for social activities, meeting new friends, and learning lifelong skills.

Joe Smith - Scouting

  • Having joined Scouting as a cub aged 8, he has spent 10 years as a youth member, , and 4 years as a young leader helping out at a cub pack on a weekly basis
  • Has since taken on a full adult leadership role and helps out as a canoe instructor
  • His voluntary contribution supports the Scouting movement to actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society
  • Is studying to become a Chef and recently won the Teflon Diamond Standard Award for Aspiring Student Chef but despite this time consuming schedule, he still finds time to help scouting.

The 'Robert Hyslop Citizen of the Year Award' to the most outstanding of the Award of Merit nominations

Brenda Cox

The Derek Sanders Cup to the outstanding Young Citizen nomination

Ellis Nicholls

2016 -  J. Douglas

Mayors special award - Claire Lomas - Fundraiser and Campaigner

Mayors Award of Merit
•Tim Frisby - Community First Responder
•Jan Macdonald - 1279 (Melton Mowbray) Air Training Corps
•Roger Petchey - Volunteer with Leicestershire Police as Lead Volunteer, CCTV Operator and BodyCam single point of contact
•Lorraine Simmonds - Club Organisation at Mencap

Melton Borough Award - Community First Responders - Voluntary Group assisting the Ambulance Service

Young Citizen Award
•Sam Thompson - Young Scout Leader
•Jason Blackshaw - Air Cadet, (Melton Mowbray) Squadron

2015 - J.Wyatt

Mayors award - Alison Green Scout Leader
•Runs both a Scout section and an Explorer section as well as contributing to the district as well
•Gives of her time to actively engage with and support young people with their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society
•Is actively involved in fund raising
•Supports young people in achieving new goals, taking part in adventurous activities, and helping them to achieve awards;
•Helps the development of teamwork through the Scout movement not only in Waltham but in Melton as a whole.

Mayors award - Dinah Rudman - Retired 
•Long standing pivotal member (Secretary) of the Melton Mowbray Civic Society and its associated groups such as the Heritage Group and Melton & Oakham Waterways Society
•Works tirelessly for the improvement of the environment and the celebration of the heritage of Melton Mowbray
•Has made a major contribution to encouraging high standards of architecture, environment, and planning in the Borough of Melton and the preservation, development and improvement of those features.  This stimulates public interest and pride in the conservation and care of the beauty, history and character of the Borough
•Pursues these aims through various publications, other forms of publicity, and practical promotion of projects and schemes
•Actively involved in successful grant applications for environmental, historical, and aesthetic improvements to the town.

Mayors award - Leigh Pick - Fundraiser Volunteer (unpaid)
•Carries out many fundraising activities for various organisations which often involves putting herself through some strenuous physical activities
•Always looking to help others within the community by giving of her time selflessly outside her paid employment as a customer services advisor with Melton Borough Council
•Currently fundraising for the Three Peaks Challenge
•Her commitment to helping people less fortunate in spite of her own sight impairment

Mayors award - Jim Pryce - Retired
•Greatly contributing and tirelessly looking after, maintaining and managing essential renovations of the Asfordby Parish Hall and many other projects throughout the Parish which have boosted community spirit
•Giving of his time selflessly to anyone less fortunate than himself
•Being the driving force and involving the local schools in organising a large Christmas tree in the village centre which brought the community together in happiness
•Contributing to the well being of the community as a parish Councillor

Melton Borough Award - Jill Palmer - Volunteer organiser
•Planning and arranging the Band Concerts during the summer months in the New Park section of the Play Close
•Giving of her time freely to undertake all the work involved in booking the bands, preparing the programme and arranging printing and distribution for all the concerts
•Personally attending the Band Concert every Sunday afternoon throughout the summer (16 to 18 concerts during that period)  to oversee arrangements, including making any arrangements necessary to relocate to St Mary’s church in inclement weather
•Being a major contributor to these events which have become a traditional event in the Melton Mowbray calendar attracting 100 to 150 people each time from Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire

Mayors award - Jill Palmer - Young Citizens Award
•Actively involved in raising money for charity each year, which usually amounts to several thousand pounds.  This year the Club has chosen to support the Matt Hampson Foundation
•Working hard to revitalise Melton Young Farmers’ Club back into a really good club

2014 - M.M. Gordon 

Mayor’s Award - Peter Smith
•Volunteers at Bradgate Flats and undertakes gardening at the flats and in Asfordby village centre, organises fund raising activities for the residents’ fund and provides lunches and puts up Christmas decorations;
•Greatly enhances the quality of life for all the residents of Bradgate Flats sheltered housing and other residents of Asfordby;
•Gives his time freely for the benefit of the residents of the scheme plus the many residents and visitors to Asfordby;
•Not only gives up large amounts of his free time but often funds it with his own money e.g. pays for plants out of his own pocket;
•Looks after the village’s Millenium Gardens and is a member of the Asfordby in Bloom team.

Mayor’s Award - Vicki Williamson
•Tirelessly works to organise many fundraising events for both local and national charities
•Examples of the fund raising and community events Vicki has been involved in include:  Lions Swimarathon, the Mayor’s Appeal, Dove Cottage Day Hospice Moonlight Walk, Children in Need, Comic Relief, Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns, and the Christmas Tree Festival at St. Mary’s Church
•Currently organising a community “Bake Off” to raise funds for the Melton Project on Dalby Road
•Has encouraged hundreds of participants over the last 10 years which has helped to raise in the region of £100,000 for good causes

Melton Borough Award - Mars Petcare Melton Factory Associate Teams
•Creators of the Pet Activity Trail in Melton County Park
•Staff through their passion and drive for the project, successfully created the Pet Activity Trail in the Melton Country Park;
•Only the third kind of facility in the UK, it is designed to encourage activities that promote responsible pet ownership and enhance opportunities for people to experience and enjoy responsible, healthy exercise and interaction with their dogs in the local community;
•Enhances the enjoyment of the Melton Country Park for all and makes a positive impact in the local community

Young Citizen Award - Megan Lyles and Megan Naylor
•Fundraising for Children in Need
•Before the annual Children in Need day in November 2013, both students decided to undertake a fundraising activity by living on a total of £10 each for one week;
•They carefully researched what someone on the poverty line would get in a week and having deducted for things like electricity and rent, they decided on £10 each to survive on for a week;
•They lived in a caravan for the week with no heating or running water and did daily shops to eke out the combined £20 budget to feed themselves
•Their eye opening experience made them appreciate the lives they had and question their need for many material possessions they previously thought they needed
•To raise awareness of their journey they wrote their own blog on the Children in Need website
•To date they have raised over £500 in aid of Children in Need

Robert Hyslop Award - Peter Smith Citizen of the Year (formerly known as For Most Outstanding Service to the Community

Derek Sanders Cup - Megan Lyles and Megan Naylor For Young Citizen of the Year

2013 - J. Illingworth

Mayor’s Award - Janey Branston & Julian Spong
•Providing FIP Services & helping families
•Provide cooking classes for FIP and ex-FIP Service users;
•Coordinate the ‘free cakes for kids’ project in Leicestershire which helps families who find it difficult to provide birthday cakes for their children;
•Working hard to gain extra volunteers for projects;
•Working with families in the 3 priority areas in Melton;
•This work contributed to positive Community life and helps promote healthy eating;
•Educates families to live within their means, cook healthily and increase their confidence;
•A Community Blog has been created to help engage residents in South Melton with local services;
•Helping to fundraise/cook for a Community event in South Melton to be held in May;
•Janey is going to Chair a new Community Group & encouraging others with disadvantaged backgrounds to participate;
•Instrumental in the FIP Focus Group and this has positively changed the behaviour of families and individuals through peer to peer mentoring;
•They have worked hard and turned their own lives around.

Mayor’s Award - Malcolm Johnson Allotment Association
•Since 1967, been involved in voluntary support to the Allotment Association;
•47 years of dedication to the Association;
•Secretary and Treasurer of the Association for many years;
•Supplies materials for general gardening and provides advice on gardening problems;
•Supports Melton Mowbray in gardening;
•A few hundred people benefit from this voluntary service 

Mayor’s Award - Eric Tindall Neighbourhood Watch
•From September 2009 has clocked up 3090 hours of volunteer work;
•Originally the scheme had fallen into disarray and covered a limited number of streets;
•Eric has moved the scheme to provide full coverage for Melton Town;
•Regular meetings are held and newsletters that provide the public with information on recent crimes and ways to keep themselves safe are produced;
•Awareness of the latest scams and door step crime is communicated;
•This has help communities to come closer together i.e. one street worked together to clear their street of snow;
•Helps to reintroduce Community spirit and for neighbours to interact with each other;
•It encourages people to look for need and address this i.e. help out an elderly neighbour;
•Allows people to feel valued that they are contributing in a meaningful way to community life;
•A personal, undisclosed, medical reason makes the work even more significant.

Mayor's Award Marie Walters Landscape Gardening & Design
•Involved in Melton in Bloom and EMiB Campaigns, and other gardening projects;
•At least 6 years of work and ongoing;
•Allows the town to be brightened up for residents and to encourage visitors to and back to the Town;
•Promotes Pride in Melton;
•Funds raised are used to purchase plants for displays and other projects that are ongoing;
•Encourages local groups to get involved i.e. Mount School, The Learning Hub, Melton Borough Council, Melton Country Park and many more;
•Provides inspiration to others to work on gardening projects all around the Borough;
•Has enthusiastically encouraged all of the volunteers to help in projects such as Gretton Court Gardens, the Sensory Garden, Royal Bed in the Country Park, Medieval Bed in King Street;
•Heavily involved in the Parkside and St. Mary’s Church displays involving different groups in the Community;
•Won the Silver Gift Award in East Midlands in Bloom (EMiB) in 2012.

Melton Borough Award - Roger Petchy CCTV for Melton Mowbray
•Since August 2002 has completed 3667 hours of volunteer work;
•Oversees a team of volunteers and often work unsociable hours;
•CCTV provides reassurance to visitors and residents helping to reduce the fear of crime & has provided evident to assist prosecutions of crimes that have occurred in the town;
•Liaises with SMART (Secure Melton Against Retail Theft) and PubWatch;
•Ensures camera’s are maintained and kept to a high standard;
•Throughout the Olympic Torch Relay provided essential assistance for the route which identified ‘snags’ during practice runs.

Young Citizen Award - Shane Chapman, Tom Nicol and Jason Gasgoine
•Gardening / landscaping 
•They have worked really hard and have helped some vulnerable members of the community with gardening;
•The work undertaken has helped to improve the life of people within the community, by helping to break down barriers that exist between young people and other members of the community;
•They have also volunteered for Melton in Bloom and were involved with painting the boat in the Community and Heritage Garden at Parkside;
•Money from the funds raised will be used for community benefit;
•This work has helped people who have been unable to undertake the work themselves;  
•Has also greatly increased their confidence as well as to help address some of the stigma their families face as a result of the anti-social behaviour they were involved in; 
•The work is seen by many people in the community and it helps to make the community a visually nicer place to be in;
•All the boys have in the past, been involved in anti-social behaviour and have had a difficult start in life.  Their families have all received support from the Family Intervention Project;
•All the boys have overcome significant adversity and have shown real resilience and determination with their voluntary commitments;
•Despite having a difficult time both Tom and Shane have recently successfully completed the Princes Trust Programme. 

Robert Hyslop Award - Malcolm Johnson
 Citizen of the Year (formerly known as For Most Outstanding Service to the Community

Derek Sanders Award Shane Chapman Tom Nicol and Jason Gasgoine For Young Citizen of the Year

2012 - A. Freer-Jones 

Mayor’s Award - Malcolm Britten
•Being very active in the Frisby village including being a Parish Councillor for Frisby for many years and has been involved in the Parish of the Upper Wreake 6 Parishes for 24 years unpaid;
•Being the treasurer of the Village Hall and Chair of Frisby School Governer’s;
•His work as a Lecturer and Student Services Manager for Brooksby College and he now tells the story of Brooksby to visitors to raise funds including conducting Ghost Walks around the College;
•Taking Services in Melton and other Churches and is a General Secretary for the Diocese of Leicester;
•Mowing the lawn for a new Burial Ground, organising litter picks around Frisby and is the Editor of the Parish Magazine of which many are affected by this activity;
•Devoting his spare time to working within the Community

Mayor’s Award - Lt. Mark Whitehead
•Devoting and dedicating 5 years into the Melton Army Cadet Force, making it a special place and organization for young people in Melton;
•Being detachment Commander for Melton Army Cadets, which through his leadership has become one of the top detachments in the country;
•Providing Army Cadets with the opportunity to learn and gain life skills by working as a team, discipline and with a spirit of service to the local community;
•Being involved in charity work on a weekly basis;
•Being involved in youth organisations for the past 6 years.
•Being a Gardening Co-ordinator for more than 24 years and supporting a team of 8 volunteers to maintain gardens and help those who cannot manage;
•Regularly putting in 20-30 hours per week voluntarily in to his work;
•Doing work to improve the appearance and physical environment of some of the most deprived areas of Melton, increasing pride and community spirit;
•Approaching local businesses for donations and donations in kind; organising raffles and car boot sales helping to bring people together with joy and friendship;
•Always putting others first.

Mayor’s Award - Di Featherstone
•Helping 16-24 year olds and most 13+ students as a Connexions Personal Advisor;
•Her approach to her work and involvement with young people going way beyond the remit of her duties, offering extraordinary support day in day out in her role at Connexions.
•Having an amazing rapport with people and goes out on a limb to ensure the young people get the support they deserve. 
•Being instrumental in setting up the Melton Learning Hub, offering an alternative education provision for disaffected young people unable to access mainstream education;
•Working tirelessly to improve the lives of teenage parents (NEET – Not in Education and Training)
•Changing some people’s prospects and helping to improve their lives due to the direct result of her determination to do her best for her clients in Melton Mowbray.

Young Citizen Award - Chris Knott
•Helping to deliver the services of the Hub’s Country Park Cafe; including catering, internet services and the visitors centre;
•Creating fresh food and helping to apply a healthy approach by assisting in producing healthy menus;
•Working towards raising funds for the Hub and providing supporting activities for all ages;
•Overcoming educational needs and difficulties to achieve at the Hub, obtaining a Level 1 Certificate in Creative Cookery; progressed to Level 2 the following year;
•His work at the Cafe voluntarily but has now progressed and works in a Supervisory position on a Sunday;
•Helping to tutor young people who are learning catering.

Robert Hyslop Award - Malcolm Britten Citizen of the Year (formerly known as For Most Outstanding Service to the Community)

Derek Sanders Cup - Lt. Mark Whitehead For Young Citizen of the Year

2011 -  M. Moore 

Melton Borough Award - Stephen Hallam 
•Managing Director of Ye Olde Pork Pie Shoppe in Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray since 1992 and treasurer of the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Association
•Instrumental in putting Melton Mowbray on the food map
•Produces a great service to tourists,  the real heart of Melton
•Stephen is a fantastic ambassador for Melton Mowbray
•He brings joy to people through the passion that he shows
•Most of Melton Mowbray are affected by the service he offers

Mayor’s Award - Robert Burt Age 72 – Retired
•Carries out welfare work with the Ex-Service, H M Forces and their families/dependants
•Has been involved in this unpaid work since making his home in Melton 6-7 years ago
•Enables ex-HM forces members to adapt to civilian life within the community and to promote a better community spirit.
•He raises funds within the local RBL Club, Poppy Appeal and by giving talks on the work of the RBL at National and Local levels.
•He alleviates worry from hardship, loneliness and fosters comradeship with the citizens of the borough
•He helps approximately 100 people a year which include one off cases and ongoing ones as well as ones from other agencies.
•He also looks after his wife who is limited in what she is able to do because of heart and movement problems and is at present waiting to have her second hip joint replaced.
•He carries out an average of 5-8 visits per week which includes his rota of visiting his clients once every 6 weeks, just to let them know they are not forgotten plus the urgent cases sent to him from the County Office.

Mayor’s Award - Cedric Ginns Age 76, retired
•Works for the Volunteer Service Bureau taking people from the Frisby area to the doctors, dentist and hospital appointments
•Has been a very active helper in the community for years, e.g. doing gardening for the elderly in the village free of charge 
•Over 20 year involvement in this unpaid activity
•For several years he has been on call to anyone in the village who needed help in any way and is know as part of the “A team” with a colleague
•He is always at hand to lend assistance
•A considerable number of people in Frisby and other villages in the vicinity are affected by this activity
•He recently had a cancer operation and has had trouble with his eyes which are now resolved
•He is also lettings officer for the Village Hall

Mayor’s Award - David Ruddy Warden, Granby House, Melton Mowbray
•Cares for elderly people
•Has been involved in the work on a full time basis over the past 10 years
•He gives his time far beyond the hours he is paid for and does the work of at least 3 people
•He is thought of very highly by the residents who can’t praise him enough
•He raises money for social events at Granby House and supports LOROS on a weekly voluntary basis.
•All the residents of Granby House and St John’s court benefit from his good work, lunches, coffee morning and trips out.
•He has dedicated his life and spare time to looking after the elderly and vulnerable people of the town.

Mayor’s Award - Philip Thacker QGM
•Runs a Scouting Troop at Bottesford which meet every Thursday evening.
•Has been involved in the Scouting movement for 31 years.
•Holds the 25 year Scouting Award.
•Provides young people with structured leadership including teaching skills that will remain with them for life.
•Organises weekend camps and camps further afield including the Forest of Dean.
•The camps include various outdoor activities including canoeing, fishing, orienteering, rock climbing and outdoor cooking.
•The local Scouts are always running fund raising activities as they receive no funding from public bodies
•The youngsters get immense pleasure from the activities they take part in.
•The troops smart appearance and politeness gives great satisfaction to the local community
•Philip is happily married with 3 children and following a distinguished career in HM Forces now works for the Home Office.
•Before moving to Bottesford he was involved in the Scout movement at Cropwell Bishop and in Shropshire. 
•He is an outdoor man with a great interest in photography and video making which he encourages the Scouts to get involved in.
•He gives up his time willingly to provide young people with structured leadership that will remain with them for life.
•The youngsters who come under his leadership are not only a credit to him but also to the village.
•He is always ready to help and holds the Silver Acorn Award for Scouting.

Young Citizen Award - Lucy Sparling 15 year old student
•Willing help in school activities: parents’/open evenings and mentor to younger students
•Young Leader at Beaver Scouts
•Started scouting at 12 and has helped at Beavers since 14
•Achieved the Chief Scouts Gold Award, the highest scout award
•Prior to this Lucy was with the Rainbows and Guides from 5 to 12 years old
•Lucy’s voluntary work both in and out of School demonstrates her commitment to the local community and people
•As school mentor she is involved in helping to boost the self-esteem of younger students to help them develop skills to succeed
•Lucy was presented with the ‘Contribution to School Life Award’ for years 7, 8 and 9 in 2010
•Lucy has represented the Scouts for Media Training and is part of the Melton District Explorer Scout Unit
•Lucy has raised money with other scouts, to fund the trip to the World Scout Jamboree to Sweden in July 2011, by packing bags at Morrisons
•Lucy has a positive ‘can-do’ attitude towards everything she does, and thus brings joy to all concerned, be it in School or within the Beavers
•Lucy tried to organise for Mrs Patel to visit her Beaver group to talk to them about Indian culture at Divali.  This was not possible nevertheless she did negotiate with Mrs Patel to borrow sarees, shalwar kameez, kurta pyjamas and tabla to ensure the Beavers had a cultural event that captured the essence of Divali.
•All students and staff at Long Field and approximately 30 Beavers are affected by her work 
•Lucy is currently offering her time to Beavers and contributing to School on top of studying for 11 GCSE subjects
•In future Lucy wants to attend college and university but as yet is undecided about which profession to pursue

Robert Hyslop - Award Philip Thacker

QGM Citizen of the Year (formerly known as For Most Outstanding Service to the Community)
Derek Sanders Cup - David Ruddy 

2010 -  E. Holmes

Award of Merit -  Asfordby Tuesday Morning Club 
•Coffee club organises a coffee morning at Bradgate retirement flats, Asfordby, on Tuesdays (including a bingo session)
•The club also organises regular outings, Christmas Lunch together with gifts at Christmas and Easter Time.  
•The coffee club is a community based activity which encourages social gatherings and interaction between a section of the community who otherwise would feel isolated and vulnerable and has been running in excess of 20 years
•The activities facilitate bonding and friendships of elderly residents not only in Asfordby but to several members who attend from surrounding villages.  
•Many residents are either widowed, of ill health, with mobility issues or isolated and the coffee club gives the elderly a sense of identity and belonging within the community
•There is also interaction between the residents and the Local Police Beat Team who regularly attend these events.  This helps to break down any barriers between the elderly residents and the police and encourages trust and security
•The group is self-funding with attendees paying £1.00 per week.  This money is banked by the organisers and is used to pay for the dinners and trips (as well as the coffee and biscuits on a Tuesday) 
•The coffee mornings are regularly attended by 30-40 persons.  The trips often attract more with members bringing along other neighbours
•The age of the volunteers range from early 70’s into their 80’s and whilst they are as old as some of the group members, they always put the group first to ensure they are happy and catered for
•The group caters for members of all levels of ability

Award of Merit - Buckminster Gliding Club Community Group (Local History Group) Mrs C Lawrance, Mr J Stanley and Mr R Bennett Treasurer, Secretary and Chairman of the Group respectively
All retired and in their 70’s
Involvement 5 years+
•The group have contributed greatly to the fundraising and necessary groundwork which enable the erection of a memorial at Saltby Airfield
•Fund raising also for the erection of memorial and associated dedication
•The memorial is a popular place to visit for local people and veterans from WWII from England, America, Poland and other countries.
•A remembrance service is held at the memorial every year since 2007 when it was dedicated
•The group consists mainly of older residents of the borough who intend to produce a book on Saltby Airfield.  
•Croxton Kerrial school pupils entered a drawing competition for the dedication
•A leaflet has been produced about the memorial.
•The memorial has been copied by other parishes in Leicestershire and in other parts of England

Young Citizen Award - Lucy Hatton
•19 years old, currently unemployed awaiting college start in September 2010
•Over the last 2 years she has changed from a disengaged young person into a confident role model for young people.
•After experiencing difficult times she has successfully completed 3 courses at the Hub and undertakes work experience on a weekly basis in a local salon.
•She also mentors a group of disengaged girls from John Ferneley High School, helping them to improve their confidence and teach them basic beauty lessons
•She now takes care and pride in herself and plans to continue her unpaid work experience in both the salon and school until September when she is set to start at Brooksby College on a Beauty Therapy course.
•Lucy has applied for and taken part in an interview for the course using her own initiative and is determined to change her life around

Young Citizen Award - Rosie Redfern 18 year old full time student
•Rosie is a real asset to Guiding within Bottesford and sets a very good example to all the girls she works with
•Has been involved with Guiding ever since joining Rainbows at 5 years old.  
•At 14 she didn’t want to leave Guiding so became a Young Leader with the Guide Unit helping the younger Guides with games and activities
•Rosie is now 18 and has nearly finished her adult leadership scheme and is very keen to finish this and become qualified before she goes to university
•At university she plans to find a local Guide unit that needs her help as a leader as, despite embarking on life as a university student studying medicine, she can’t imagine not being involved with Guiding
•Was instrumental in setting up a Senior Section Unit which has not been running for over a year and has grown to 14 members 
•With Rosie’s encouragement 9 members of the senior section are now Young Leaders with other units and all 14 are looking at registering to do their Duke of Edinburgh award
•Rosie is studying hard for her A levels but still finds time to attend 2nd Bottesford Guides on a Wednesday for 2 hours and Bottesford Senior Section on a Sunday for 2 hours as well as planning meetings and church services in between
•Is also an active member of St Johns Ambulance

Young Citizen Award - Adam Tate 18 year old student
•Adam has held many roles within scouting over the past few years, the most notable being a Scout Leader with 5th Melton Scout Group.  
•He has a positive attitude which gets the best out the scout troop
•He not only runs the troop every Tuesday evening, which consists of 17 scouts, but also spends a lot of time planning each evening to ensure the meetings run smoothly
•Adam has encouraged the scouts to participate in fundraising, not only for the group but also for Rosemary Conley’s charity STEPS.
•He always aims to allow scouts to achieve their full potential and develop hew skills
•Other roles in scouting that Adam has held include being the Leicestershire Explorer Scout representative which entailed representing scouting in Leicestershire and to help form the Leicestershire Explorer Scout Forum.  
•Adam was also the first ever East Midlands Regional Explorer Scout Representative which entailed giving a voice for young people in scouting at external organisations
•He has been a member of Leicestershire Scout and Guide First Aid Team for 3 years.  During this time he has treated over 100 casualties.  
•Adam organised and supervised the first aid team at County Cub Camp 2009
•Adam was one of the 4 young candidates running for the role of Young Mayor in its first year.  Subsequently he became a member of the newly formed Melton Borough Youth Council.  
•Adam has given the young people of the Borough vitally needed representation within the 4 years that the Youth Council has been active.  He has held several roles including Treasurer
•He has regularly attended County Youth Council Leicestershire on behalf of Melton Youth Council which resulted in the young people of Melton being able to have an input into County decision-making
•He has been actively involved in campaigning for cheaper transport for young people and in raising the profile of the ‘Stop the Cyber Bullying’ initiative
•When giving presentations on behalf of the Youth Council he has significantly helped young people in the Borough to  become aware of the services and facilities already available for them
•In his scouting capacity, Adam has successfully given presentations that have led to other Explorer Scouts to become involved in shaping the Explorer programme and other decision-making
•He has undertaken charity work for STEPS, a charity which provides services and support to families with children having motor learning difficulties
•He has raised money for STEPS by taking part in events and has also given his time in 2 ‘Challenge Anneka’ style refurbishment programmes to improve their premises
•He has also raised money for Children in Need both at school and with scouts

Young Citizen Award - Lisa Taggart 18 year old trainee nursery nurse
•Assistant Rainbow guider - 11th Melton Mowbray Rainbows 
•Lisa was instrumental and assisted in the starting and setting up of St. Francis Rainbow Unit in September 2009
•Lisa has been involved within the Guiding Association for many years starting with St Francis Brownies at the age of 7, progressing into Guides until the age of 14, then returning to Brownies as a Pack Leader and eventually Young Leader
•Lisa has assisted at Brownies for 4 years, giving up her Monday evenings every week to help with the running of the unit of on average 28 girls
•Two years ago the Rainbow Unit closed due to no adult leaders.  
•Circumstances changed and Lisa, together with Mrs Richardson (Proposer) reopened the Rainbow Unit.  
•Rainbow Unit started with only 5 girls in Sept 09 which has rapidly grown to 19 girls.  
•Lisa is involved in the planning and preparation of the weekly meetings making them fun for the girls involved but ensuring that safety requirements are adhered to.  She keeps records of their involvement and tasks completed, covers the accounts and purchases craft items when necessary
•She deals with girls who have special dietary requirements in a quiet and thoughtful manner at refreshment time so as not to differentiate from other children
•Rainbows won the Melton Mowbray Girlguiding Division Shield competition where Lisa had worked with the girls to create a dance to a piece of music.  This achievement was purely down to Lisa’s enthusiasm, energy and her caring relationship with the Rainbows
•She also gave up evenings to put a Rainbows tree into the Christmas Tree Festival.
•Lisa gives her time in a selfless and caring way to enrich the lives of many young girls within the Girlguiding Movement and is a credit to the youth of today

Young Citizen Award - Ben Atkinson 18 year old school student
•Presenter on 103 The Eye community radio station (2 years)
•Performer & Webmaster for Melton Musical Theatre Company (3 years)
•Webmaster for Valefest Music Project (18 months)
•Published author of novel – now writing another
•A valuable member of the radio team whose programmes inform & entertain, focussing on young people, giving them broadcast experience
•The Valefest music project brings live performance to rural locations
•He also records promotions for good causes & trains novice presenters on the radio
•Has raised money for charity with the Melton Musical Theatre Company and his radio shows include charity appeals
•He receives many complimentary emails and texts from listeners and his guests are delighted to be featured in his radio shows
•The radio station broadcasts to an area of 80,000 people and the theatrical performances have audiences of several hundred
•He fits this voluntary work into his busy schedule of studying for A levels at school and his Saturday job
•He has a very pleasant personality and is very helpful, often deputising for other people at short notice when required

Robert Hyslop Award - Asfordby Tuesday Morning Club For Most Outstanding Service to the Community

Derek Sanders Cup - Lisa Taggart  

Total Awards presented as at From 1988 to April 2017:

123  Awards of Merit

43  Young Citizen Awards

8 Melton Borough Awards