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Neighbourhood planning

Neighbourhood development orders

What is a Neighbourhood Development Order ?

A Neighbourhood Development Order is a means for parish councils or neighbourhood forums to grant planning permission for certian kinds of development within a specific area. For example a NDO could allow things like improvements to shop fronts or extensions to houses or other buildings. This could be for the whole of or just for a part of the neighbourhood area.

How much work will be required to produce a Neighbourhood Development Order?

The level of work required will depend on the constraints which will be decided at a local level.

Where do Neighbourhood Development Orders fit into the Neighbourhood Planning Process?

There are Government regulations that set out the key stages to be followed. The process will include a number of stages including community engagement and consultation on the draft document. A Neighbourhood Development Order once adopted, will grant planning permission, it is also subject to an examination and community referendum.

How  Much Does it Cost to Produce an NDO?

The cost of producing a Neighbourhood Development Order will vary depending on its contents. The NDO will need to be supported by up to date evidence. It is likely that evidence studies have already been produced by the Borough Council that will meet the requirements of the Neighbourhood Development Orders however; some new evidence may be required depending on the nature of the Order.