Melton Borough Council

Green Waste Club - Biffa Service 2019 Subscription Renewals

New, existing and potential Green Waste Club members are advised to contact Biffa Garden Waste Club directly on 0800 0858 286 to discuss any questions they may have regarding the service.

Landlord Council Tax discounts and exemptions

Furnished lets

Furnished lets attract a 100% charge if they are not inhabited. If you wish to apply for an exemption on your Council Tax, you will need to call the customer service team on 01664 502502.

A one month exemption would begin from the date the furniture was removed. After the one month exemption expires, an empty rate charge is payable at the full rate.

Unfurnished lets

A 1 month discount is applied from the date your tenants vacate the property regardless as to whether their tenancy has expired. You may only be entitled to a proportion of the exemption as it is property related.

Once the exemption expires an empty rate charge is payable currently as the full rate.