Melton Borough Council

All Council Tax bills in the Melton Borough are showing a 3.1% increase for the LCC element of the 2018/19 bill. The bill should show a 3.0% increase.

The error has occurred with the percentage comparison of the LCC elements in the 2018/19 bill with the 2017/18 bill. Please be assured that the charges within the bill are correct.

Trees managed by the Council

Tree condition survey

All  trees that we are responsible for have had a condition survey carried out on them.The tree condition survey is invaluable in helping to identify each year’s requirement for essential priority remedial works, as well as informing the ongoing tree re-inspection programme recommendations for re-inspection dates, helping to ensure the Boroughs tree stock remains safe and healthy, and are retained as an invaluable green resource for recreation, bio diversity as well as their aesthetic landscape value.

Different species 

A large number of different species have been identified and catalogued, many in Melton County Park and the large open spaces in and around Melton Mowbray, some in closed churchyards around the Borough and others on greens and commons that fall under the borough councils jurisdiction. The councils Environmental Maintenance Team are trained and certified to carry out most of the work in house giving the council the ability to look after and manage the environmental conditions, and standards of many area in their entirety.


The Council are responsible for the maintenance of a number of road side hedges, as part of a working arrangement with Leicestershire highways. We also maintain hedges surrounding our own properties. In general they receive maintenance twice a year outside of the bird nesting season.