Melton Borough Council

Getting permission to remove hedgerows

Under the 1997 Hedgerow Regulations we can control the removal of hedgerows and consider hedgerows in dealing with development proposals.

The application process for this can take up to 28 days. During this time we establish whether the hedgerow concerned is 'important' as defined by the legislation (relating to the species present in the part to be removed and the age of the hedgerow). We employ specialist ecologists to advise on this.

If a hedgerow is found to be important, we will serve a 'hedgerow retention notice' prohibiting its removal. This is a legal document and it is an offence to disregard such a Notice.

If, however, it is found not to meet the criteria of 'important', or the 28 day period passes without a notification being made, the removal of the hedge may proceed. 

Hedgerow removal application forms and guidance