Melton Borough Council

Severn Trent report

UPDATE: Severn Trent have informed that the issues with low water pressure or no supply in the LE13 area have now been resolved. If you are still experiencing problems please contact STW directly

Benefit providing evidence for a new claim

You can submit your evidence online to support your new benefit claim using for example

  • Photos of original documents taken on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Scans of the original document made using a scanner at home
  • Electronic documents you already have for example wage slips, bank statements etc.

Please note we need to have sight of original documents to support verification of you and your partners National Insurance number and Identity please do not submit these online. Details of where to provide these types of documents or if you do not wish to submit your evidence online are available here.

 The maximum file size is 25MB

Occasionally we also may wish to see original documents for all other evidence we might need. If we need to do this we will contact you.