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Advance Payments of Universal Credit

Once you have made a claim for Universal Credit it will normally take 5-8 weeks before you receive your first payment. If this is going to cause you financial hardship you can ask Universal Credit for a payment in advance, the different types are explained below.

Benefits transfer

If you were receiving a qualifying benefit in the last month before you claimed Universal Credit, you can ask for  up to 50% of your potential entitlement to Universal Credit. This has to be paid back in 12 monthly instalments.

For example, £360 advance = £30 repaid over 12 months from your future Universal Credit payments.

Universal Credit Advance (new claims or change in circumstances)

This is a short term discretionary advance aimed to help you until your first Universal Credit payment is received, this must be repaid in 6 months.

For example, £60 advance = £10 repaid over 6 months from your future Universal Credit payments  

To apply for either of these advances you should call 0345 600 4272 as soon as possible.

Budgeting Advance

This is an interest-free advance for one off items for people on a low income, more information is available here