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Demolition application

apply for a demolition notice


When intending to demolish a building, notice must be given to Building Control a minimum of six weeks prior to the intended start date.


In order for us to process this application you must also provide a 1:1250 location plan clearly indicating the buildings to be demolished, all adjacent properties and existing drainage systems to be sealed, together with a copy of the demolition contractor's method statement indicating safe methods of demolition. We will also require evidence that a Refurbishment and Demolition Asbestos survey has been carried out.

Within six weeks of receiving this completed application, we will issue a Demolition Notice setting out a number of conditions that have to be complied with during the demolition works necessary to maintain public safety and public amenity.

Building Control may also consult Environmental Health / Highways / Planning Departments and the Leicestershire Fire Service prior to the issuing of a demolition notice.

You should also notify all service providers such as gas, electric etc by sending them a copy of the notification form and location plan, in order that they may arrange with yourselves for their services to be safely disconnected.

Alternatively, download the Demolition application form here.