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Contaminated recycling will not be collected from October 1st 2019

From 1st October 2019 your recycling bin will not be emptied if it contains non-recyclable item(s) You will need to remove the item(s) and we will empty the bin on your next brown bin collection day.

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Application for street naming and numbering

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Street Naming and Numbering Charges

Melton Borough Council are the street naming and numbering authority for the Melton Borough. It is our responsibility to issue official addresses for all residential and business premises within the borough.

The address of a property is very important as it is imperative that the Police, emergency services, postal service and the general public are able to locate properties quickly and efficiently.

If a property is not 'registered' through the street naming and numbering process the address will not appear on the main address database or the Royal Mail Postal Address File (PAF) and the owner/occupier may encounter difficulties in obtaining mail, deliveries and services from a variety of sources, for example the location of a property by the emergency services, applying for a credit card, obtaining goods by mail order or even selling a property.

All new addresses are allocated in line with our Street Naming and Numbering Policy.

Alternatively, you can download the pdf. street naming and numbering application form and view fees and charges here.