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What happens if you get a summons - Business Rates

What happens if you get a summons

When you get a summons, your option to pay by monthly instalments is taken away and you will be expected to pay the full years Business Rates amount. Extra costs will be added to your account to cover court costs. 

A summons is a letter that is sent to you to tell you that a hearing date has been set at Loughborough Magistrates Court to get a Liability Order.

When the court issues a Liability Order, it gives us the power to collect the debt. If you still refuse to pay, we can take further action, for example, pass your account to an Enforcement Agent (Bailiff).

You do not need to attend court... 

However you do have the right to attend court if you wish to. If you are planning to attend you will have to arrive 30 minutes before the hearing time, so we can discuss any queries with you.