Melton Borough Council

Work on trees

Works to trees guidance notes

A protected tree has a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) applied to it.
To find out if a tree has a TPO go to the My Melton app and enter your postcode, select Heritage and Tree Preservation Order. 

If you want to carry out work on a protected tree then you will need to make an application. There is no charge for this application and we may take up to 8 weeks to decide if the works should be permitted.

We are allowed to attach conditions (for example, requiring the planting of replacement tree(s) or specifying ways the works should be carried out) and there is a right of appeal to the Secretary of State if consent is refused.

Where works are urgent for safety reasons, or where protected trees are considered to be dead, dying or dangerous please notify us immediately.

We will take a maximum of 5 working days to confirm whether the works are urgent.