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Give a compliment, leave feedback or make a complaint

Give a compliment, leave feedback or make a complaint


At Melton Borough Council we want to the put the customer at the heart of everything we do. We aim to give the best customer service possible.  We strive to get it right first time but occasionally things don’t go as planned.  We are committed to dealing effectively with any concerns or complaints you may have about our service and aim to clarify any issues you are not sure about and if possible, put right any mistakes we may have made. We also aim to learn from our mistakes and use the information we gain to improve our services so that as a customer you have confidence that the same problem won’t occur again. As part of this service the Council does not normally limit the contact that customers have with its staff, however unreasonably persistent and/or vexatious customers can be a problem for Council staff and members. The difficulty in handling such customers can place a strain on time and resources. Whilst the Council endeavours to respond with patience and sympathy to the needs of all customers, there are times when there is nothing further which can reasonably be done to assist or to rectify a real or perceived problem.

Please tell us if you feel that we:


  • Could improve by doing something differently
  • Have failed to do something
  • Have done something badly
  • Have treated you unfairly
  • Have failed to understand your point of view

View our complaints policy 

View our Unreasonably Persistent or Vexatious Customer Policy

Feedback, compliments and complaints are part of our Customer Services processes, and the information you give to us is covered by the Customer Services Enquiries Privacy Notice here.

Please note that if your complaint is about a data protection matter, this will be referred to the Council’s Data Protection Officer.