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Green Waste Club - Biffa Service 2019 Subscription Renewals

New, existing and potential Green Waste Club members are advised to contact Biffa Garden Waste Club directly on 0800 0858 286 to discuss any questions they may have regarding the service.

Council Tax discount for single people

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To apply for single persons discount please create an account and register for online Council Tax services.

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If you are the only adult living in a property as your main home, you can apply for single person's discount which means your Council Tax bill will be reduced by 25%.

The discount will continue for as long as you occupy the property as the single adult.

The following types of changes may affect your discount and you should let us know if:

  • Another adult comes to stay with you and this is their main home
  • A child reaches the age of 18 - you must inform us even if they are a student
  • You leave the property on a permanent basis

For information about other discounts and exemptions, click here

For information about people who do not count for council tax, click here