Melton Borough Council

Annual Canvass 2018

The Annual Canvass will shortly be finishing, please return your Household Enquiry Form as soon as possible.  The digital channel will be closing on the 25th November 2018.  After this date you can only return the form by post using the pre-paid envelope sent with your form.

To make sure we hold the correct details on our Electoral Register each year we undertake an Annual Canvass of all households in the borough. You will be receiving your annual canvass form during July 2018.

The annual canvass form is not a registration form, but all the information provided will enable us to send a separate individual registration form to all the people in your household, who are eligible and need to register individually.

You will need to be included on the canvass form if you are:-

Please note: The jury exempt age has changed from over 70 to over 76. Please check the details carefully before responding.

Please do not assume that because you were registered last year that your name will automatically be included in this year's Electoral Register.  Being on the Council Tax register does not automatically mean you're on the register of electors.

It only takes a couple of minutes to confirm the details on the form.  If all the information is still correct, you can reply through one of the following options:-

  • Confirm your details online at , you will need the security codes on the form.
  • Call the automated telephone number shown on your form quoting your security codes.
  • Text the automated service quoting your security codes.
  • Post your signed form back in the envelope provided.

If the information shown on the form has changed you can do one of the following options:-

  • Change the details online, you will need the security codes provided on your form
  • Change the details by crossing through/or adding individuals to the form, sign and return in the envelope provided.

What happens next?

If you confirm that there are no changes you will not receive any further correspondence from us as part of the canvass.

If there are additional people to be registered, each eligible person added to the canvass form will be sent an invitation to register form which invites that person to apply to register to vote. New applications will be added to the register from 1 December 2018.

Reminders will be sent to non-responding properties after 28 days and if we still don't receive a response we will visit your property to obtain the requested information from the household.  

All households are legally required to respond to this letter. If you don't, we are required by law to send you two reminder letters If we still don't receive a response we are then required to send someone to your address to collect the necessary information. It is a legal requirement to provide the information requested, if you don't you could be fined £1000. 

If you knowingly provide false information, you may incur a fine and six months in prison.