Melton Borough Council

How to update my details on the Register of Electors

If you have moved to a new address within the borough simply complete the online register to vote form to update your name, address or any other details on the electoral register. You will need your National Insurance number (if you have one) and passport (if you've moved abroad).

If you have moved out of the borough you can use the same form. You will be able to give your old address on this form, and your new authority will then tell us so we can take your details off our register.

Remember to keep your details updated; it will help keep your credit history accurate. The electoral register can never be back-dated.

If you have changed your name you need to fill in a change of name form and send us a copy of evidence proving your change of name e.g. photocopy of a marriage certificate, deed poll or decree absolute. You can send us a copy of your documents including the change of name form in the post or scanned copies by email. If you can't provide a copy you can bring your original documents in to us at reception and we can make a copy for you.