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We would very much welcome your insight and opinions about Melton to help us shape future direction. This questionnaire will help us collect your thoughts and knowledge of the Borough of Melton.

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What being a Councillor involves

If you are interested in getting a flavour of what being a Councillor is like we can arrange for you to “shadow” one of our existing Councillors.
Please contact or ring 01664 502502 for further details.
Being a Councillor can be challenging but very rewarding.  Councillor Elaine Holmes said:

“I take pride in the number of people for whom I have been of help, assistance, and support over the years - and look forward to continuing to do so. It is very satisfying to help people resolve issues which have been troubling them and their family. Twenty years have flown by - and my enthusiasm and commitment are not diminished.”

The "Be a Councillor" website has useful information and links to help you find out more about what is invloved in becoming a Councillor. 

If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor, please contact the Clerk to the Parish you wish to stand in.