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Want to be the voice of your community, make your community safer, ensure there are homes for everyone, help the environment and improve where you live, then become a Councillor!  Now is a great time to get involved as Borough and Parish Elections are coming up in May 2019.  

Download our Be a Councillor Booklet

Local councils deliver hugely important services which affect the lives of people every day.  Being a councillor means you can play a part in shaping those services and make a difference to people’s lives.  It’s also about representing residents’ views on a variety of issues and being a real voice for the community.   Be the Voice of Your Community is part of a nationwide initiative to encourage potential community leaders in standing as a councillor.  

We ran a Facebook Live Q&A recently all about becoming a councillor, you can view it over on our Facebook page:

The above booklet contains some important information and key dates on the Councillor role.  To help with some of your queries, here are some frequently asked questions for those intending to stand for election:-

Borough Councillor - frequently asked questions

Parish Councillor - frequently asked questions

For more information about standing for election, contact 

The Local Government Association’s "Be a Councillor" website is also a helpful reference for those thinking of standing for election    
For information on becoming a Parish Councillor, please contact the Clerk to the Parish you wish to stand in.