Melton Borough Council

Guidance for voters

Protect your right to vote

It’s your vote, make sure you cast it how you want
Here are some guidelines to help you protect your right to vote

It’s OK for friends and family members to:

  • discuss how they will vote and their reasons for voting
  • give you their opinion about how they think you should vote
  • put your sealed postal ballot pack in a post box if you cannot do it yourself
  • help you to get to the polling station
  • assist you in voting under certain circumstances (i.e. if you have a disability and with the permission of the staff at the polling station. Otherwise, the staff can provide assistance if required). Any family or friends will need to sign a form stating they helped you to vote

It’s not OK for friends and family members to:

  • force you to vote in a particular way or stop you from voting
  • take your postal ballot paper away from you, watch you complete your ballot paper or ask to see it when you have completed it
  • cast your vote for you (pretending to be you). This includes:
  • marking your ballot paper for you or signing on your behalf
  • casting a vote for you just because you are away or incapacitated – even if they think they know how you want to vote or you have said it would be ok