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Guidance for voters

Let someone vote on your behalf

If you want someone to vote on your behalf, you can apply to appoint a proxy. You can do this by downloading an application form from our website. Alternatively, if you cannot get to a polling station, you can apply for a postal vote.

It’s OK for campaigners to:

  • explain their party or candidate’s policies to you
  • encourage you to vote for their party or candidate
  • encourage you not to vote for another party or candidate
  • explain how the electoral registration or voting process works, including how to vote by post
  • provide you with an electoral registration form or an application form for a proxy or postal vote
  • give you advice about how to fill in an electoral registration form or an application form to apply for a proxy or postal vote

It’s not OK for campaigners to:

  • force you to vote in a particular way or stop you from voting
  • offer to reward you for voting for them (e.g. with money, food, other gifts, a job or some other treat)
  • watch you while you complete your postal ballot paper
  • take your postal ballot paper from you, especially if you have not voted and sealed the ballot paper in the official envelope
  • take your completed postal ballot pack away to deliver on your behalf, unless the Returning Officer has agreed that it would be OK for them to help you
  • get in the way or stop you from getting into the polling station to vote