Melton Borough Council

Guidance for voters

How can I report electoral fraud?

If you have evidence that electoral fraud has been committed, you should contact the police as quickly as possible using the non-emergency number 101. You should be prepared to give them a statement and any evidence you have.

If you are worried about giving your name to the police, you can also report electoral fraud anonymously by contacting CrimeStoppers by phone on 0800 555 111 or online at

If you think electoral fraud may have been committed, you should first speak to the Electoral Registration Officer or Returning Officer for your local area. contact them through customer services on 01664 502502. 

They may be able to explain whether or not electoral fraud has been committed and can refer your concerns to the police if necessary. They can also provide you with details of the police contact for the relevant police force so that you can report the allegation yourself.