Melton Borough Council


There are 26 Councillors serving on Melton Borough Council and current vacancies for the following Wards:-

  • Melton Sysonby
  • Melton Egerton  

They are each elected for a 4 year term and represent different Wards (or areas) within the Borough

The current Leader of the Council is Councillor Pam Posnett (Conservative).

The next Borough Election is to be held in May 2019. 

Melton operates a Committee system and decision-making is mainly by three policy committees, two regulatory committees and a Governance Committee.

The Council and policy Committees meet in five cycles a year.

Membership of the Committees is determined each year at the Annual Meeting. The Memberships for this year were approved at the Annual Meeting of the Council held in May and are available on the Committees & Decision making page

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