Melton Borough Council

Complaint against a Councillor

How should I set out my complaint?

It is very important that you

  • Complete a separate form for each individual Councillor you are complaining about
  • Set your complaint out fully and clearly
  • Provide all the information at the outset
  • Provide any documents or other material that you wish the Committee to consider

Please use our complaint form and provide a summary within the complaint form of what you are complaining about.

In the summary you should

  • Tell us exactly what each person you are complaining about said or did that has caused you to complain
  • Cross-reference any supporting documentation
  • Be as detailed as possible
  • Give reasons for your complaint where you can

Although you are not required to prove your complaint at this stage of proceedings, you do have to demonstrate that you have reasonable grounds for believing that the Member complained about has breached the Code of Conduct.