Melton Borough Council

Valuation Office Scam

Be cautious about people claiming to be from the Valuation Office advising they can reduce your Council Tax band for a fee. Please refrain from disclosing personal information such as bank details

Apply for a Temporary Events Notice

Apply for a Temporary Event Notice

Apply for this licence if you are hosting a one-off event selling alcohol or providing entertainment on a temporary basis.  The fee can be paid  online or you can send us a cheque payable to Melton Borough Council. 

You must send one copy of the form to Licensing, one to Environmental Health and one copy to Leicestershire Police. We can accept these by email using the links above or accept hard copies by post, provided they arrive in time. 

Restrictions on Temporary Event Notices (TENs)

  • TENs require 10 working days’ notice.
  • Late TENs (accepted in exceptional circumstances only) require five working days notice.
  • A TEN can only be used for up to 499 people. Any more requires a full Premises Licence.
  • Non Personal Licence holders may submit only five TENs each calendar year of these not more than two can be late TENs
  • Personal Licence holders are limited to 50 TENs per year of these not more than 10 can be late TENs.
  • A TEN can licence activities for up to 168 continuous hours
  • There must be at least 24 hours between any two TENs
  • The premises are limited to 15 TENs per calendar year over no more than 21 days (also, where an event spans midnight it will count as covering two days).
  • The Police and Environmental Health can object and require modifications of your notice