Melton Borough Council

All Council Tax bills in the Melton Borough are showing a 3.1% increase for the LCC element of the 2018/19 bill. The bill should show a 3.0% increase.

The error has occurred with the percentage comparison of the LCC elements in the 2018/19 bill with the 2017/18 bill. Please be assured that the charges within the bill are correct.

Multiple occupancy homes

What multiple occupancy means

A house in multiple occupation (HMO) is a part of a building such as a flat that:

  • Is occupied by more than once household
  • More than one household shares the kitchen, bathroom and toilet
  • Self contained flats that do not meet the minimum standards

The building is occupied by more than one household:

  • More than 3 tenants use the building as their main residence
  • The household use the building as a refuge
  • Students living in a property during in term time 

If you are categorised as a high risk HMO then may need to apply for a licence. 

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