Melton Borough Council

Houses in multiple occupation

What standards are required?

In addition to the general fitness standards required by the Housing Act which apply to all rented properties, all HMO's will have to meet the Council's HMO standards. These include:

  • means of escape in case of fire and other fire precautions
  • amenities such as kitchens, bathrooms toilets and wash hand basins
  • overcrowding with regards to the number and size of rooms
  • general fitness for occupation
  • management standards
  • gas safety
  • furniture fire safety

We use the following two documents to help determine whether the standards are satisfactory:

  • DASH Amenity Standards
  • LACORS Fire Safety Guidance 

Links to these documents can be found by clicking on the ‘previous page’ button below

Making a complaint

To make a complaint about privately rented accommodation please visit our complaints page.