Melton Borough Council

Planning and building control

Please note, that the Planning Department are extremely busy at present and there may be a delay in contacting you. We thank you for your patience at this time.

Contacting us at this time

Please see the relevant information below on how to best contact us for your enquiry. To help us deliver the best possible service at this time we kindly ask that you please ensure that all correspondence includes an application number and clear request as to what information is required.

Before you contact our department you may find it helpful to visit the Planning Portal which contains the majority of information required to assist with general enquiries.

Planning advice

If you are seeking general planning advice or questions on whether planning permission is required, please note that these will only be answered by formal request and receipt of correct fee.

To make a formal request please fill out a householder planning enquiry form, at present these are taking approximately 20 working days to respond to.

Decision Notices/ Planning Documents

If you are seeking copies of Decision Notices or other Planning Documents from 2014 onwards, these documents can be found at

Should you require information in relation to applications prior to 2014, please make a formal request for them via we will endeavour to respond to these requests within 20 working days.  Please note, we will only make available those documents which we are required to retain on our Planning Register in accordance with the relevant Acts.


Planning application

Find out about how you application will be processed

The Melton Local Plan has been adopted

The Melton Local Plan 2011-2036 was adopted by Full Council on October 10, 2018. It sets out the Council’s policies for the use and development of land across the whole of the Borough. It replaces the saved policies of the 1999 Melton Local Plan. The local plan is the main part of the development plan for the Borough and will be given full weight by the Council in making decisions on planning applications. Neighbourhood Plans are also part of the development plan, where they have been ‘made’ – you can find out more about the made neighbourhood plans with the Borough at or read about the adopted plan here.
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