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Self/Custom Build Register








The Government has placed an emphasis in recent years on supporting and actively encouraging self/custom build housing projects. Such projects give individuals/groups greater control over which kind of house they’d like to live in, by allowing them to design and build it themselves. The Melton Borough Council Self Build Register will act as a tool to connect interested individuals/groups with landowners, developers and agents to encourage self and custom house building.

Self-build housing is where a group/individual takes an active involvement in the design and construction of the project. This can include conventional design and build, including the use of architects and contractors or less traditional approaches such as pre-fabricated housing projects.

Custom-build differs, in that this is usually a housing development in which a house builder/developer takes the lead on the project, but still offers a level of customisation to the final buyer. This is seen as a more stress free approach, as the developer will handle much of the difficult aspects of the build such as acquiring the site and planning permission, with the end user primarily taking a back seat.

Completion of the register will not guarantee an appropriate site will be found. We will not forward any details on to potential land owners, agents or developers without the permission from the individuals/groups involved.


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Summary of the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015


A Bill to place a duty on local authorities to keep a register of individuals and community groups who have expressed an interest in acquiring land to bring forward self-build and custom-build projects and to take account of and make provision for the interests of those on such registers in developing their housing initiatives and their local plans; to allow volume house builders to include self-build and custom-build projects as contributing towards their affordable housing obligations, when in partnership for this purpose with a Registered Social Landlord; and for connected purposes