Melton Borough Council

How we award contracts

We are subject to UK and EU legislation governing how we buys goods, services and works. This means that almost everything we buy must be subject to a competitive process.  This can take the form of either a quotation or tender exercise. To give yourself the best opportunity of winning business through a competitive process, you need to:

  1. Read all the documents you are sent thoroughly and if any elements of them aren’t clear to you – ask questions.
  2. Respond in the required format, including the required information by the required time.

You will be advised how quotes and tenders are going to be evaluated – usually on both price and quality criteria, and the bidder with the highest score following that evaluation will be awarded the Contract. That bidder will be asked to sign a written Contract with the Council. If you have been unsuccessful you will be notified in writing and it is usually possible for you to request feedback on your quote or tender.

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