Melton Borough Council

Severn Trent report

UPDATE: Severn Trent have informed that the issues with low water pressure or no supply in the LE13 area have now been resolved. If you are still experiencing problems please contact STW directly

The information you will need to provide

The information you will be asked to provide will vary depending on the nature and value of the contract. However, you may be asked to provide some or all of the following information:

  • Information relating to your organisation
  • References
  • Technical information relating to the nature of the contract
  • Financial information
  • Insurance details

You will also be asked to respond to specific questions designed to find out how you will deliver the contract. You will also be asked to provide a price for your proposed contract delivery.

Please ensure that you provide all the information requested, or explain why you have not been able to do so. Please also ensure that you respond in the required format – this will help the evaluators' assess your quote or tender properly and will also help to ensure that you don’t miss anything out.