Melton Borough Council

Our new website

Our website

Our old website was switched over to the new site on the 11 June 2014. 

It is intended to promote the new site and the new digital services in September 2014. Between June and September we will be looking at the feedback we have on the new site and making the necessary changes to it to ensure it delivers the best possible experience for our customers.

So.... what has changed 

We have made the font larger - you kept telling us the font on the old site was too small. You also have the capability to adjust the format yourself by using a tool in the top left corner which will change the fonts, size and colour so its suits your individual needs.

We have improved the search - We are now using google site search to navigate the site. This is a better experience for the customer from the old site search.

We have changed the navigation - the A-Z is still there but you will notice that we have top tasks on front pages to help you get straight to our most asked questions.  We will continue to check these are the right tasks by using your feedback, reviewing how you use the site and monitoring the phone calls we get. 

It is mobile friendly - the site will automatically adjust depending on the device you are using to look at it. We know that a lot of you are looking at the site from iPads and mobile phones. This new "responsive" design will make the site more accessible to those types of devices.