Melton Borough Council

Service Strategy for Customers

Customer Service Excellence

Our vision is to ensure service users are at the heart of how we work and we will do everything possible to provide services that generate very high levels of satisfaction.

We will work to ensure that the whole Council together with relevant external contractors operate as “one team” from first contact to service resolution and that any hand offs between different parts of the delivery chain are seamless. We will develop processes so that managers always have their “finger on the pulse” in terms of how their services are being delivered for customers with good knowledge of any negative customer experiences. We will also seek to ensure that there is clarity around responsibility and accountability for service delivery within a matrix management structure. We want to create a culture where all feel empowered to act to make this vision a reality. 

Services will be systematically redesigned so that we focus predominantly on doing the things that add value for the service user with an increasing focus on digital first. We will aim to design systems that build quality in so that they always work right first time and minimise the impact of fraud and error. We will continuously seek to maximise the potential of existing and new technology as part of this approach, building new kinds of strategic relationships with key suppliers in order to deliver the best possible solutions. We will always seek opportunities to improve productivity in delivering customer journeys, such as through promotion and marketing of digital access/transactions, reductions in staff processing times, removal of waste from processes and supporting vulnerable people to live more independently.

We will continue to build a rich picture of the communities we serve, one that describes the different groups within it, including an understanding of behaviours and why and how people access our services and those of our partners. This insight will help us to design services that are more personalised and that will better meet the needs of different people.

Our immediate goal is to meet each unique demand and need when it is demanded – right first time every time with great user experiences. We will empower our staff to challenge the way we do things if we are not achieving this. However, we want to go further than this and in the future we will increasingly seek to be more pro-active with vulnerable people and identify and commission relevant related services over and above what might be a single ‘presenting’ issue. This will require excellent levels of collaboration both across the Council as well as with partners.

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