Melton Borough Council

Transfer a vehicle licence

Option 1: Transfer a currently licensed vehicle to a new owner 

If a currently licensed taxi or private hire vehicle is sold to a new owner, the new owner may wish to continue to licence it.

To do this we would require the following:

  1. A Formal Letter from the previous owner of the vehicle to notify us of who they have sold to and the date the vehicle was sold or evidence of purchase.
  2. A copy of the current Hackney Carriage Licence.
  3. The Original Registration Document, showing the new owners details or the new keepers supplement.
  4. A Valid MOT
  5. Valid insurance
  6. Payment of the current fee (please use the fee for replacing paper licence)

Option 2: Change the type of licence on a vehicle

If you have a vehicle currently licensed as a hackney carriage but wish to change it to a private hire licence (or vice versa) then we will require the following:

  1. Completed application form to change a vehicle licence type
  2. Payment of the current fee (please add together the fees for replacing paper licence, replacing internal plate/sticker and replacing external plate)
  3. Vehicles being turned into hackney carriages will also need to have a calibrated meter fitted and display the table of fares.