Melton Borough Council

All Council Tax bills in the Melton Borough are showing a 3.1% increase for the LCC element of the 2018/19 bill. The bill should show a 3.0% increase.

The error has occurred with the percentage comparison of the LCC elements in the 2018/19 bill with the 2017/18 bill. Please be assured that the charges within the bill are correct.

Missing payments and reminders

The first time you miss a payment you will get a first reminder. If you pay the full instalment after this, then you can carry on with your monthly payments.  If you do not pay in full you will not be sent any further reminders and we will send you a court summons, where you will be required to pay your council tax balance in full, plus costs. 

We usually wait until 7 days after each instalment date before sending out a reminder because we know it is not always possible to pay on the due date.

If you miss a payment a second time...

You will be issued with a second reminder. You must pay and keep your account up to date if you want to carry on paying by instalments. If you do not pay, we will send you a court summons.

If you miss a payment a third time...

If you miss a payment for a third time, no further reminders will be sent, we will send you a final notice. You will then be required to pay your council tax balance in full.

Avoid getting reminders 

  • Pay your instalments by the due date
  • Pay by direct debit
  • If you wait to get a summons you will have to pay court costs of £52
  • If this remains unpaid and a Liability Order is granted, you will incur further costs of £14