Melton Borough Council

Forthcoming licensing meetings

These adhoc sub-committee meetings are convened to decide specific licensing issues, including alcohol, entertainment and taxis matters. They are usually open to the public, but any restrictions will be shown on the notices posted below and on the Council's noticeboard.

Notices of forthcoming licensing meetings

The Licensing and Regulatory Committee to be held on 12th November 2018 at 6:30pm has been cancelled


Agendas and reports for committee meeting from May 2017 onwards can be found on our dedicated committee reportts pages


Historic agendas and reports for past committee meetings (prior to May 2017) can be found on our archived 'Committee Reports' pages

Current alcohol and entertainment licence applications

If you would like to see the current applications for alcohol and entertainment licences that are out for public consultation, or to make a representation, please see our licensing pages