Melton Borough Council

Your housing repair responsibilities

You are responsible for 

Below is a list of things which tenants are responsible for:

  • All internal decoration
  • External door keys
  • Floor tiles
  • Internal door handles including any locks and cupboard handles
  • Minor plaster repairs
  • Waste plugs and chains to sinks
  • Blocked sinks, wash-hand basins and baths
  • Toilet seats
  • Wall, cill and fireplace tiles
  • Metal or Concrete washing line posts (except those in communal areas)
  • Draught proofing doors and windows
  • Renewal or re-fixing of coat hooks
  • Ensuring that any boiler range is supplied with water before firing and an adequate supply maintained
  • Any criminal or malicious damage caused to the property by visitors or guests of the tenant or by persons known to the tenant
  • Chimney sweeping
  • Tenants are also expected to inform the council of any defects as soon as they occur. Please see the section on Reporting a Repair for information on how to request an inspection or repair.

Works you may be charged for

Chargeable works include the following:
  • Accidental or intentional damage by the tenant or a guest of the tenant,
  • Replacement keys and any work necessary to gain access to a property after keys have been lost,
  • Costs incurred when a repair is requested but access not provided or the work rejected,
  • Any works which must be carried out by a Council contractor which the tenant agreed to undertake during the termination visit prior to the end of the tenancy.